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The Oil Paintings of Linda Gredy

I hope you enjoy stopping by my studio to see some of my work.

Linda Gredy is an accomplished painter. Her many years of experience in graphic design and illustration have provided her with the foundation and the desire to pursue her love of painting. She is well-versed with portraits, landscapes, still-life and many other subjects. Her latest series of portraits focuses on images of children throughout the world. She has a special gift for capturing the emotion and spirit of a person on canvas.

Swahili Hope

Swahili Hope

Painting is truly a blessing and an adventure for me.  I am fascinated with light and its wonderful affect on everything it touches.  As I paint I’m compelled to try and re-create these amazing effects.
It is my desire that my art will bring joy, inspire hope, and encourage the viewer as I seek to reflect the glory of creation, and in a small way,  help to make the invisible kingdom visible.